Nursery School Clubs

Comprehensive support of children's skills matters to us. In the afternoons we offer various after-school activities. Take a look at what we offer and enrol your child.

Tennis Lessons

The tennis lessons focus on development of comprehensive sports skills needed for the subsequent game of tennis.

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Dance Lessons

The dance lessons will teach children to perceive music, rhythm and the art of interconnecting them with movement and dance. The lessons are good fun and very playful so that children enjoy these lessons as much as they can while developing their physical skills.

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Brick by Brick Club

This is the main principle of how to introduce the world of technology, mathematics, construction and natural science to children. All this using LEGO® bricks.

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Music Club

The Music Club is suitable for boys and girls who are interested in singing and music. We will teach children the basics of singing, proper breathing and healthy body posture when singing, they will learn to recognize the difference between solo and choir singing and find out about their voice range.

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Play Wisely Club

Develop your children's potential as soon as possible.

Come and Play Wisely!

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Quick Signpost

Information for children at our nursery school or on nursery school clubs also for public.