Afternoon Courses

Comprehensive support of children's skills really matters to us. In cooperation with Little Talents s.r.o., we offer various courses in the afternoons. Check out their offer and enrol your child.

Art Course

Vincent, the art course, is suitable for all young budding artists for whom simple drawing with crayons is no longer sufficient.

Children will learn about various art techniques and materials, from chalk and charcoal to water and gel paints for finger painting and using fimo clay.

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Little Curious

Lil Curious course prepared in cooperation with VIDA! science centre allows young budding scientists to explore the world around us, above us and in the depths.

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The aim of our football training is to teach children the basic movements needed for football, social interaction and collective thinking, the basics of English and recognition of their own emotions. 

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As part of dance training, children will primarily focus on proper posture, stretching exercises to develop flexibility and, of course, coordination of movement. Older children will learn group dance elements, learn to work together as a team and further develop a sense of rhythm.

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