Afternoon Courses

Comprehensive support of children's skills really matters to us. In cooperation with Rytmik o.p.s., we offer various courses in the afternoons. Check out their offer and enrol your child.

Non-traditional art workshops club

We have prepared this new, creatively enriching and inspiring club for all children who want to learn new creative techniques and art activities that are not a regular part of the creative club. Children will learn to work with silk, fimo material, but also other lesser-known materials. There are painting on porcelain, decoupage or interesting plastic and spatial creation waiting for them. The purpose of the club is to improve fine motor skills, engage children's imagination and develop sensory perception for preschool children.

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Science club

The science club brings a lot of interesting and non-traditional experiments that develop children's logical judgment, imagination, general overview, and at the same time fill their curiosity. The goal of the club is to introduce children to individual work procedures for experiments in the fields of physics, natural science, geology or chemistry. Science helps children discover the magic of the world in a playful and adventurous way. Each lesson is prepared by the lecturer according to our high-quality methodical materials.

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The Little Olympian

We would like to introduce you to the exercise and sports club The Little Olympian, which is focused on the all-round development of your child's movement abilities and skills. Thanks to the methodical and non-traditional processing of the club, children learn to play sports correctly and develop a positive relationship with movement. The content of the club is also learning about attractive Olympic disciplines and competing in the spirit of fair play.

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Dance club

We would like to introduce you to a dance and movement club in which children develop their movement skills in a non-violent and playful way. A significant part of the teaching is devoted to rhythmic training, thanks to which children develop a sense of music in a natural way. The lessons include dance sets to various rhymes, poems and games supporting proper posture.

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The aim of our football training is to teach children the basic movements needed for football, social interaction and collective thinking, the basics of English and recognition of their own emotions.

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