Žabičky - “Little Frogs” Class

A group of preschoolers aged 5-7 years.


This classroom is located on the ground floor to the right from the main entrance door. The equipment of this classroom meets the needs of children at this age. There are a lot of didactic and motor games, toy building sets. The capacity of the classroom is 19 children. As for the education programme, there are increased demands not only for hygiene and self-service, but also for activities focused on working, social and cultural habits of children.

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Our Team

Jitka Hanušová

Form Teacher, Teacher of Czech

Tereza Marečková, DiS.

Teacher of English

Tereza Vlachová

Teacher of English

Our Regular Activities


The principal goal is to teach children the basics of swimming and water skills. We want them to have fun when swimming and enjoy it to the fullest. Qualified trainers work with every child individually at a pace he/she needs. Children go to the swimming pool and back by minibus.  For more information please see https://kometaplavani.cz/plavani-katka/skoly-a-skolky/


The exercising programme is prepared in thematic classes in order to combine imagination with exercising, to motivate children to be active, to bring them the greatest experience possible and create a positive attitude towards sports activities and active and healthy lifestyle. It focuses on versatile physical skills. Children are taught to move more effectively when dealing with physical tasks, acquainted with a diverse environment and taught how to react adequately.  It develops dexterity. We do not put emphasis on failures. Instead, we highlight the effort made when dealing with a physical task. For more information please see: https://www.cvicenicko.info

With Sokol to Life

The main objective of this programme is to encourage children to do sports, build a positive attitude towards sports activities and teach them to perceive sport as a natural part of their lives.  The programme is prepared for children aged 3-6 years. According to Kolář, this is the age when children acquire movement habits which will no longer be replaced in adulthood. “Up to 90% of the personality is formed within the first six years of a child's life,” says Marek Herman, a university teacher and personal development coach.  Preschoolers are divided into three age groups for the teachers to be able to respond to the children's development in individual stages, and to take their respective needs and skills into account.  For more information please see: https://www.sesokolemdozivota.cz/

We emphasize a versatile development in children, therefore we go to galleries, museums, theatres, libraries, and attend various educational programs - Jurkovič House, Lipka, Hlídka,…

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