Enrollment in preschool education

in fantazie nursery school for the school year 2024/2025

Enrollment for preschool education will take place on 4the May 2024 from 8:30 a. m. to 3:30 p. m. 

1) Applications will be issued between 01. 02. – 14. 04. 2024

An application for admission of a child to preschool education in kindergarten can be obtained in the following ways:

2) The deadline for applications is 14th April 2024

To enroll, you must fill out the online application form for the Fantazie Nursery School 


  • Personal submission (to the direction of the kindergarten, by prior telephone arragement),
  • By post,
  • Data box, 
  • By e-mail with a valid electronic signature to: fucikova@msfantazie.cz.

When your Application for Admission of your child to preschool education has been registered, you will be informed to e-mail adress indicated in the appliction for a registration number.


  • Application for admission of a child to preschool education, including a doctor’s report (the application must be signed by the original signatures of both legal representatives)
  • Child's birth certificate (for viewing),
  • ID card of the child's representative,
  • Foreign nationals (outside the EU) must present valid permanent residence in the Czech Republic at the time of registration.

5) ENROLLMENT IN THE FANTAZIE NURSERY SCHOOL TAKES PLACE ON 04. 05. 2024 from 08:30 a. m. to 3. 30 p. m. with the participation of the child and his/her representatives in the Fantazie Nursery School. 


From 13. 05. 2024 you can expect information about your child’s admission/non-admission to Fantazie Nursery School. The results of the admissions will be published on the kindergarten’s website and on the kindergarten’s notice board. The children will be listed under the registration numbers received by the children’s representatives. 

It is also possible to submit an application after the enrolment deadline, in case of the capacity of the Fantazie Nursery School. 

Pursuant to Section 36(3) of Act No.500/2004 Coll., the Administrative Procedure Code, as amended, a party to the proceedings has the opportunity to comment on the grounds for the decision before the decision is issued and also has the opportunity to propose supplementing the grounds or evidence. The contents of the file may be consulted on 13th May 2024 from 
10 a.m. to 12 p.m. in the office of the kindergarten.


  • Age of the child,
  • Completion of compulsory regular vaccinations,
  • Self-care (assistance is assumed),
  • Motor skills appropriate to kindergarten activities (a walk, a stay in the school garden, a trip, etc.) 
  • Payment of school fees and other obligations arising from the School Regulations and the Contract for the provistion of the preschool education of the child.

The admission of children to kindergarten is decided by the director of the kindergarten in the admissions, which ens after expiry of the time limits set out in the administrative regulations. Any newly created places are filled in accordance with the Education Act. 

In Brno on 19. 01. 2024

Lucie Fučíková
Director of Fantazie Nursery School.

Tuition Fees

Children can start attending the school anytime during the year and it doesn't have to be the first day of the month. You can agree on a school tour with the Deputy Head Teacher at +420 603 172 066.

The Tuition Includes:

  • complex preparation of preschoolers in Educational-stimulating groups
  • exercising for a healthy lifestyle - basics of gymnastics
  • swimming and ice skating with an experienced instructor
  • English lessons using the purchased ZuZu English license - experiential English learning with immediate results
  • all-day Czech-English programme full of games and playing
  • high standard equipment of classrooms with interactive whiteboards and a large gym
  • our own garden of 4 000 m2 with a unique playground and a tree house
  • intensive speech therapy with a speech therapist directly in the nursery school
  • pedagogical-psychological assistance directly in the nursery school
  • regular events based on the Educational Programme of our nursery school
  • rich lessons, afternoon clubs and activities for children
  • toys and teaching tools
  • methodological materials
  • children's insurance

The Tuition Excludes:

  • meal plan + other expenses including VAT
  • trips
  • weekend events
  • outdoor school
  • ski training

Payment of the Tuition Fee

  • in cash in the nursery school office
  • bank transfer to 37525900/2700, maintained at UnitCredit Bank, a.s., under a variable symbol.

The tuition fee and after-school activities are paid either in the office or via a bank transfer.

Payment through Edenred Junior benefit portal is also possible.

A one-month notice period is set at the end of the child's attendance of the nursery school. The tuition fee is a lump sum divided into 10 months of school attendance. In case of the child's absence from school, the tuition fee is due and non-refundable.

Discounts Provided

Siblings: 10% discount

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Information for children at our nursery school or about afternoon courses for children and adults.