Children in our nursery school are divided into individual classrooms based on their age. We consider this to be a huge advantage which helps us approach them individually, fully and systematically.

Practical Information

Has your child started attending Fantazie Nursery School? Find out other useful information on meal plans and tuition fees. If you feel like contacting us and learning more, we'll be happy to help you.

Meal Plan

We make sure that the children at Fantazie enjoy eating our meals and eat healthily at the same time. Our experienced cooks use fresh ingredients and cook delicious meals without any chemical additives.

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Registration and Tuition Fees

Based on a prior agreement, we'll be very happy to welcome you in our nursery school and show you around. We don't organize any open days, but prefer individual meetings.

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Organizational Information

Interested in the Operation of the Nursery School?

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Quick Signpost

Information for children at our nursery school or on nursery school clubs also for public.