Fantazie Nursery School

We are a private nursery school accredited by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports. We admit children from the age of 2 and we try to show them the fantastic world around us and prepare them for attending primary school as best as we can.

Fantazie Nursery School

Fantazie Nursery School has three classes for children from 2-6 years of age. Our uniqueness lies in the division of children into classes based on their age. We encourage children to be curious, self-confident and enjoy their lives. 


Afternoon Courses

We cherish children's skills. There's a variety of afternoon courses. Take a look at what we offer and enrol your child.


Primary School

Are you interested in a comprehensive educational system? Would you like to make the transition to a primary school as easy as possible for your child? Would you like your children to like attending school? We have been fulfilling these goals thanks to quality education, great teachers and experience.


Our Philosophy

Following the individual development of each child as a specific and precious personality is the starting point for our work. Through education based on satisfying individual needs and interests, children will gain basic life experience in a natural environment shared with their peers. We want to provide children with maximum opportunities to spend their time outdoors with regards to experience and creativity. We awaken an emotional relationship to both living and non-living nature, the creations of human labour and people themselves. We lead children to the right relationship between people and the natural environment. We sort out waste and observe natural phenomena. 


We are not all the same. We respect every single child's personality and can easily adapt.

Affection for English

Positive attitude to a foreign language, joy of expressing oneself using words and gestures. Visualisation of sung texts using videos.

New Ideas

We are ready to tackle new challenges and support good things. Children are our inspiration.

Total Creativity

We encourage children to be creative and develop their imagination.


We enjoy being active and support a variety of sports and activities.

Zealous Responsibility

We teach children basic aspects of behaviour in a group of friends. We observe rules and have a common goal.

Individual Approach

We have plenty of time for every child. Thanks to a lower number of children in classrooms, we will all enjoy the daily programme to the fullest.


We guide children through their small children's lives with maternal sensitivity and teach them to listen to others.

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