Fantazie Nursery School

Fantazie is a private nursery school accredited by MEYS. Children 2.5 years and older can enrol. We try to show them the fantastic world all around us and make their way to a primary school easier.

Fantazie Nursery School

Fantazie Nursery School has three classes for children from 2.5 to 6 years. Children are divided into classes based on their age, which is unique about the school. We encourage natural curiosity, self-confidence and joy of life.

About the Nursery School

Nursery School Clubs

Comprehensive support of children's skills matters to us. In the afternoons we offer various after-school activities. Take a look at what we offer and enrol your child.

About the School Clubs

Primary School

Are you interested in a comprehensive education system? Would you like to make your child's transition to a primary school easier? Would you like your child to attend school happily? We have been fulfilling these goals for a long time thanks to quality teaching, amazing teachers and experience.

About our School

Our Philosophy

The starting point for our work is to follow the individual development of every child as a precious and specific personality. We want to pass fundamental life experience on to children in a natural environment of their peers through education based on a principle of satisfying individual needs and interests.

We would like to provide children with experience to stay outdoors while emphasizing enjoyment and creativity. We awaken the emotional relationship to living and inanimate nature, products of human work and to people themselves. We lead children to behave nicely to the environment. We sort out waste, investigate basic natural phenomena.


We're not the same. We are respectful to every child's personality and know how to adapt.


Positive attitude towards learning a foreign language, joy of being able to express oneself in English through words or gestures without being worried. Visualization of sung lyrics using videos.


We welcome new challenges and support good things. Children are our inspiration.


We encourage children's creativity and imagination.

Being Active

We like being motivated to stay active and encourage various types of sport.


We teach children to learn basic aspects of behaviour among friends. We observe rules and orders, have the same goals.

Individual Approach

We always have enough time for your child. Thanks to fewer children in the classroom, we can enjoy our daily programme with smiles on our faces.


The children and us together live out the children's lives with maternal sensitivity and teach the children listen and understand others.

What it Looks Like at Ours

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Information for children at our nursery school or on nursery school clubs also for public.