Včeličky (“Little Bees” Group)

A group of preschoolers aged 5-7 years.

Včeličky (“Little Bees” Group)

classroom is located on the first floor on the left of the building. It consists of a classroom - a playroom and education room. The equipment of the classroom meets the needs of preschool children. The capacity of the classroom is 18 children. Educational activities are focused on higher demands for attention, concentration and independent task fulfilment, which will make the children's transition to primary schools easier.

Our Team

Tereza Michálková

Form Teacher

Mgr. Jana Svobodová


Our Regular Activities

Music and Dance Lessons

In their everyday music and dance lessons, children will learn how to enhance their movement and rhythmic abilities. We place emphasis on the right body posture. Children will get familiar with various musical instruments and develop their singing skills.


We have also prepared lessons of intensive exercise emphasizing the development of dexterity and gymnastics basics for preschool children. Exercising lessons help children build a positive attitude towards sport and prepare them for joining many different sports clubs on a hobby, performance or professional level.

Physical Education

Physical education takes place in a newly-built gym. We teach children to respect rules and promote cooperation and teamwork. We use ladders, balance platforms, balls, Swedish box, rings, cones, goals, hand massage balls, skipping ropes, ropes, trampoline, foam blocks, etc.


The principal goal is to teach children the basics of swimming and water skills. We want the children to have fun when swimming and enjoy it to the fullest. We work individually with every child at a pace he/she needs. Children go swimming and back by minibus

Ceramics Lessons

We encourage children to acquire basic craft skills and develop their creativity and imagination. Children get the opportunity to get a feeling for different materials - we use clay in combination with other materials (bast, wood, wire).

Flute Lessons

Children will acquire basic knowledge of playing a musical instrument. They will learn proper breathing, holding the instrument, intonation, basic fingering and will finally be able to play simple songs (with an accompaniment) for fun.

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