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We care for children with love and respect. We encourage them to explore the world around them and be happy about little things.

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Play and open communication are the fundamentals when educating children at Fantazie.

Your children are unique and we will provide them with the best start to life possible. Based on years of experience, we create an environment rich in stimuli, we are guides in education, exploring and discovering the world. Thanks to a wide range of activities and using interesting tools, children develop their potential and learn to perform many different skills. We encourage them to enjoy learning, thinking about the world and listening to others. Children attending Fantazie gain self-confidence and build partnership with their teachers. We teach them to understand rules and their duties. At Fantazie, they gain experience they will draw on their entire life. 

  • We encourage natural curiosity. 
  • We support playing and learning practical skills.
  • Through knowledge, we naturally guide children  on their way to primary school. Using all their senses, children learn to understand the laws of nature, develop pre-mathematical and pre-writing skills before they start learning.
About Fantazie

English Classes as Part of Educational Plan in the Czech Language

In each class, the Czech language teacher prepares topics which she wants to introduce to children through motivational fairy tales, stories, topics thematically related to seasons, traditions etc. Thanks to which individual areas of learning develop in children. 

Based on the “Czech” educational plan, the English language teacher prepares the English version of the topics and interconnects what children have learnt in their Czech classes with English. This style focuses on teaching subjects in English. In other words, children acquire new knowledge and skills through a second language rather than in a second language. A second language, i.e. English in our case, is a tool to learn individual content (e.g. children will go through “The Weather” topic with the main objective to learn weather-related vocabulary. Children will get, cut out of magazines or draw different weather-related pictures and get a task to describe them in Czech and then in English with the teacher's assistance. This activity can become a part of morning activities and thus a daily routine. Furthermore, this activity can be connected to a description of clothes worn in different seasons. Children will learn what to wear, etc.)

There are plenty of similar topics: everything about me, my day, school, my family and home, friends, food and drinks, animals, nature, seasons, as well as self-service habits, helping others, cleaning and many other topics. 

The beginnings will be slow and easy. We will start with greetings, later we will go through morning activities performed every day. This routine should consolidate the feeling of security and the feeling of a safe place where children know what to expect. 

The goal of pre-school education is not to teach children how to speak English fluently but to enjoy learning a foreign language, which will enable easy learning further on.  

If children learn naturally and everything new is presented to them as a game, their attitude to exploring and learning new things is positive. This will create a positive attitude to learning languages and learning in general. Everybody is able to learn a foreign language but not everybody has been shown how to do it right.


English Classes

Ever since our nursery school was founded in 2012, learning the English language has been included in our educational plan. Our philosophy is to create a suitable/bilingual environment which will help children to develop their personalities during the most important period of their lives. Children will naturally absorb the English language all day. 

Since 2018/2019 we have been using a new method by ZuZu English for learning English. This method has a lot in common with our teaching methods and is developed to cover a period of three years. Sharing the topics and songs with parents is its great advantage and can be used to connect what is happening in the family and the nursery school. Children find it very motivating to listen to English songs with their parents and show them the products which are related to the song and which they made at the nursery school. 

The purpose of our approach towards learning is not to turn children into native speakers but to provide them with an opportunity to hear and listen to English being spoken by native speakers through songs and thus build a solid foundation for further learning. 

Our educational principles such as learning through experience, connection with reality, systematicity and a regular touch with English enable children to develop their English knowledge  in the best way possible. 


The Magic World of Fantazie

English Language

English language comes as a standard of our educational programme (connecting school educational programmes with learning English during all day) We speak both Czech and English. The emphasis is placed on everyday natural usage of a foreign language without being scared of using it.


Connection with nature is very important to us. Our large garden enables both teachers and children to observe and study natural laws and phenomena. Children are taught how to take care of the environment surrounding us. They also learn how important it is to care about plants and people around us.


EDA is a name for educationally stimulating groups which are part of systematic preschool preparation of children. We try to make the transition to the first class of a primary school as easy as possible for all children. We use modern teaching methods and educational tools.

Children with Special Needs

We pay attention to exceptionally talented children and respect those with special needs. We create an environment respectful to everybody. We do not make differences among children, but educate and pay attention to every individual.

Cooperation with the Family

We highly appreciate your trust when you entrust us with the most valuable people in your life - your children. We take pride in cooperation with the family, and good and honest relationships. Our nursery school creates a family environment.

Exercising / Sport

To move, do sports and be in motion - we love doing sports. We actively pass our own enthusiasm on to children and support various exercises for the healthy development of children.


Our nursery school actively participates in educational programmes supporting a healthy lifestyle and a positive attitude to life. Take a look at what we do.

Living Garden

Our objective is to achieve skills beneficial for physical, mental and social health collectively called a “healthy lifestyle”.

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Recycle and Play

School recycle programme “Recycle and Play” started in September 2008 to support environmental education at primary and secondary schools in the Czech Republic.

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Mrkvička Project

The goal of this project is to support ecology education through communication among nursery schools and ecology education experts and exchange of experience among teachers at nursery schools.

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