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We look after children with respect and love. We encourage them to explore the world around them and enjoy all the little things.

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Pohodové vánoční svátky a úspěšný Nový rok 2021

Pohodové vánoční svátky a úspěšný Nový rok 2021

21. 12. 2020

Přeje celý tým mateřské školy Fantazie

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Poděkování za sponzorský dar

Poděkování za sponzorský dar

14. 12. 2020

Ve třídě Žabičky je díky sponzorskému daru čistší vzduch

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Ježíšek ve školce

Ježíšek ve školce

10. 12. 2020

I do školky chodí Ježíšek 😊. S dětmi si společně oslavíme příchod Ježíska již v pondělí.

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Play and open communication are the most fundamental means of education in Fantazie.

Your children are unique and we'd love to provide them with the best start for their lives. Based on years of experience, we create an environment rich in different stimuli and guide the children through learning and exploration of the world. Children at our nursery school actively develop their potential and learn new skills thanks to a wide selection of interesting aids and activities. We encourage children to enjoy learning, independent thinking and listening to others. Children at Fantazie gain self-confidence and a partner relationship with their teacher. We also teach them to understand their duties. Your children will gain experience which can help shape their lives.

  • We foster children's natural curiosity.
  • We support play and development of practical skills.
  • We naturally guide children from nursery to primary school through knowledge. The children will learn how to understand natural laws and develop pre-mathematical and pre-writing skills using their instinct.
About Fantazie

About our Nursery School

A nursery school is a place where children are taught by playing and gain necessary experience. My goal is to create a stimulating and inspiring environment enabling children their self-realization by means of different projects (ecological education, traffic education, pre-reading literacy). Creation of an environment where children feel great, parents enthusiastically connect their lives with their children's, the teachers have motivating, enriching and supporting background is an absolute priority. At the same time, it's very important to harmonize children and parents' needs, listen to parents' wishes and meet them as much as possible. Therefore we encourage the families to cooperate with our nursery school and we also organize joint events for parents and children.

My life-long motto is the one taken from Albert Einstein: “Teaching should be such that what is offered is perceived as a valuable gift and not as hard duty.

Mgr. Jana Svobodová

  Mgr. Jana Svobodová

About our Nursery School

Ive been working at Fantazie as a teacher of English since its foundation. I strive for making my approach to teaching effective and contributing to the ideal development of English language knowledge among children. My goal is to create a motivating, friendly and pleasant environment where children feel great for the whole stay in the nursery school. Based on my experience, I know that such an environment is absolutely essential for the child to perceive new stimuli and information. In my opinion, a well-prepared and stimulating environment is essential to pass something on to children. The way we learn our mother tongue is the same when learning a foreign language. We've been perceiving our mother tongue every day since our birth and absorbing it with all our senses. Therefore, I emphasize systematic teaching and everyday contact with English.

„The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts.“ Marcus Aurelius

Barbora Hozová

  Barbora Hozová

Short Introduction

After studying at Secondary School of Education, I was living in England for several years where I was working for business. Soon enough, I realized that working with children is something that makes sense to me. The love of British culture got interconnected with the love of working for a nursery school. I really enjoy building relationships with children and studying their perception of the world around. In my leisure time I love doing many different things - trips, hikes, being creative. Nothing is a coincidence, I believe. I've been in constant search for the meaning of life. My seven-year-old daughter is its honoured guide :-)


The Magic World of Fantazie

English Language

English is an education programme standard (interconnection of FEP and English language teaching throughout the whole day). We speak Czech and English. We place emphasis on a natural everyday contact with the foreign language without being afraid of it.

Speech Therapy

We emphasize prevention of speech disorders - we ensure regular speech therapy lessons (pedagogical and psychological assistance is offered directly in the nursery school).

EDA Groups

EDA stands for educational-stimulating groups which are part of systematic preschool preparation of children. We try to make the transition of preschool children to primary schools as easy as possible. We use modern teaching methods and tools.

Children with Special Needs

We pay attention to exceptionally talented children and respect the needs of children with special educational needs. We create a respectful environment for everybody. We educate and care for everyone without distinction.

Cooperation with Parents

We appreciate your trust when you entrust us with the most precious you have in your life. We emphasise close cooperation with parents and create healthy and honest relationships. We listen to you, parents. We create a family environment directly in the nursery school.


To move, to do sport, to be in action - exercising is our hobby. We pass our sport enthusiasm on to children. We promote various sport activities for healthy development of children.


Our nursery school actively participates in educational programmes which encourage a healthy lifestyle and a positive attitude towards life. See what we do together with children.

Living Garden

Our goal is to achieve skills beneficial for physical, mental and social health which are collectively called “healthy lifestyle”.

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Recycle and Play

School recycling programme “Recycle and Play” was established in September 2008 to encourage environmental education at primary and secondary schools in the Czech Republic.

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Mrkvička Project (“Little Carrot” Project)

The objective of this project is to support development of ecological education by means of communication between nursery schools and ecological education experts and encourage the exchange of experience among nursery school teachers.

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Information for children at our nursery school or on nursery school clubs also for public.