Mrkvička Project (“Little Carrot” Project)

The objective of the project is to improve ecological education through communication between nursery schools and ecology education experts and exchange of experience among nursery school teachers.

Mrkvička is a long-term programme by Pavučina (network of ecological education centres) which our nursery school actively participates in. It was introduced in 2007 and it created a network of nursery schools with increased interest in the environment on a regional as well as a national level. The main goals are to map the needs of nursery schools, provide them with information and methodological help regarding the environment, and ensure mutual exchange of teachers' experience in processing and realising the “Child and the World” environmental project within school educational programmes. The number of nursery schools participating in the project has been growing since its establishment in 2007. Currently, there are more than 800 nursery schools from all 14 regions of the Czech Republic, including our nursery school, participating in the project.

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