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Play Wisely Club

PlayWisely® is a comprehensive, scientifically based and at the same time entertaining way of playing which uses natural learning and physical abilities of the child from his/her birth to preschool age. Our goal is to activate and enhance sensory, speech, learning and movement skills important for development of further skills. Our complex method helps parents distinguish what's the best way to maximize child's development. Moreover, wise playing improves the relationship with the child.


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PlayWisely® is a stimulating experiential game which supports optimal brain development during a critical period of nerve pathway formation from 4 months to 5 years and helps increase the effectiveness of the child's further ability to learn.

PlayWisely® develops children's visual and language skills - speech, voice and hearing and learning-related abilities - attention, cognition and memory. Furthermore, the method focuses on development of physical skills - rough and fine motor skills, visual motor skills, coordination of movement, spatial orientation, balance, etc. - all this in accordance with psychomotor development of the child.

PlayWisely® consists of a set of special learning cards which are variations of pictures, sounds, words, numbers, colours, sizes and shapes. It is a unique package bringing children joy of performing physical activities and learning. Each lesson takes 30 - 45 minutes based on the child's age and is divided into several parts. It starts with playing the learning cards, continues with exercising and finishes with the card game again.

lessons are individual or in a group of 2 or 3 children to maintain the individual approach to each child. Children are divided into groups based on their age, abilities and personality. Our lessons are also suitable for children with disabilities, autism or Down syndrome.

Attending PlayWisely® Club regularly, children will form a close relationship with their teacher and environment and will learn a lot of basic skills which they will be able to develop further when attending a nursery school. Knowledge of people and environment will significantly help the child to adapt and attending a nursery school will be emotionally much easier for your child and you, as well.

We look forward to you and your children!

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