Music Club

The Music Club is suitable for boys and girls who are interested in singing and music. We will teach children the basics of singing, proper breathing and healthy body posture when singing, they will learn to recognize the difference between solo and choir singing and find out about their voice range.

Music Club

Children will get engaged in a rich music repertoire including folk as well as modern songs. Rhythmic and breathing practice is also included in the course. It's doesn't matter if children become professional singers. What matters the most is the joy of singing.


Bc. Abigail Hánová

Children Will Learn:

  • basic singing techniques
  • their voice range
  • to sing choir as well as solo songs
  • proper breathing and healthy body posture

At the end of each term, there's a demonstration lesson prepared for parents.

When: Monday 2.30-3.15 p.m. and 4.00-4.45 p.m.

Price: CZK 980 (paid via bank transfer based on the teacher's instructions)

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