Brick by Brick Club

This is the main principle of how to introduce the world of technology, mathematics, construction and natural science to children. All this using LEGO® bricks.

Brick by Brick Club

Thanks to playing with bricks and logical thinking we encourage children to develop their motor, mathematical, technical and creative skills. Brick by Brick programme teaches children practical skills in technical areas. It teaches them to like natural science which the society is getting back to again. Lessons are great fun and playful (“edutainment”). Specially trained teachers use the Brick by Brick methodology developed by US experts according to which each lesson is prepared exactly step by step. And the most important fact - during the entire lesson, children play with LEGO® bricks which they love so much.


Kateřina Šutrová

   +420 607 672 268

Little Builders Club

The programme is designed for children 3-5 years old and preschoolers who were born to become builders. Thanks to a popular DUPLO® sets, children become familiar with different topics such as animals, space, sealife, fairy tales or heroes. They will gain a lot of knowledge and learn how to build everything by themselves.

The Advantages of This Club:

  • getting familiar with various topics and they will understand their function on a model constructed,
  • introducing individual topics through a fairy tale or a story,
  • improving the children's imagination and creativity,
  • practising their spatial perception and mathematical skills,
  • learning the basics of design and proportionality,
  • gaining the knowledge of construction,
  • improving motor skills and communication,
  • learning to work with plans and build according to them.


Engineer Master Club

For children 6-12 years old. Younger children focus on simpler models, older children on more complicated ones ranging from means of transport to robotics. The children will connect the model constructed to a little engine and suddenly the model will “come to life”. Games aiming at an “action result” are very motivating for children and majority of models work like this.

The Advantages of This Club:

  • learning the basic principles of mechanics, engineering and technology; understanding the principles on the model built,
  • encouraging creativity and imagination in children,
  • practising spatial perception and mathematical skills ,
  • learning the laws of physics,
  • connecting the models to little engines, children will try their functionality,
  • learning to work with plans and build according to them.


When: Friday - The Little Children 1.00-2.00 p.m. KLUBÍK (middle room of the nursery school building), The Older Children 1.00-2.00 p.m. (gym)

Price: CZK 2190 for 12 lessons

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