Recycle and Play

School recycling programme called “Recycle and Play” was introduced in September 2008 to support environmental education.

The objective of the programme is to broaden children's knowledge in terms of waste sorting and recycling and get them the experience in taking back batteries and used electronic devices. The project is sponsored by MEYS of the Czech Republic and is co-financed by companies specializing in take-back and recycling.

ASEKOL, a.s. - take-back of electronic devices
ECOBAT s.r.o. - take-back of batteries
ELEKTROWIN a.s. - take-back of electronic devices

In 2012, two projects with similar content were merged - Recycle and Play and Clean

the World (hereinafter referred to as “Recycle and Play”) organized by Elektrowin a.s.. The principle of both projects has been retained.

The project is intended for nursery, primary as well as secondary schools. Collection containers for used batteries and small electrronic devices are provided and their subsequent removal after they have been filled is ensured.

“Recycle and Play” develops children's relationship towards the environment through thematic games, practical activities, quizzes and smaller projects but also through their direct participation in collecting used batteries and small electronic devices.

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